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Development of ECO suite next-generation energy-saving technology
06 Nov 2014

The “ECO suite” has been developed as a next-generation energy-saving technology

Okuma has developed the “ECO suite,” a next-generation energy-saving technology that brings together energy-saving technologies, such as running optimization including machine tool auxiliary equipment and visualization of consumed energy so users can really feel the energy-saving effect.

Using Thermo-Friendly Concept intelligent technology, energy consumption can be reduced 50% compared with 2002 models for vertical MCs. This is achieved with the “ECO Idling Stop” that gives stable accuracies even when the cooling unit idling has been stopped, the next-generation energy-saving hydraulic unit “Eco hydraulics,” which cuts energy consumption 63% compared with previous models, and the “ECO Power Monitor,” which lets users visualize the effect of idling stop and the individual power for the spindle, feed shaft, and various auxiliary equipment.

Machines are now being equipped with the next-generation CNC “OSP suite” that optimizes monozukuri, and this will be further expanded in the future.

OSP suite

Eco suite

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