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Development of MCR-A5CII space-saving double-column machining center for 5-sided applications
26 Nov 2012

The highly regarded MCR-A5C combines excellent machining capability with a small footprint. It has now undergone a model change.

In addition to the high rigidity and high accuracy of the previous machine, machine capacity has been greatly improved with rapid feedrate increased from X, Y, Z, W: 20, 20, 10, 1 m/min to X, Y, Z, W: 30, 30, 20, 3 m/min, and spindle capacity raised to 26/22 kW.

Z-axis travel of 800 mm on this model is an increase of 150 mm over the previous machine, and the auto spindle head changer (AAC) can add up to 4 stations to handle a wide range of machining operations.

Full thought has also been given to operability. A full-length gutter is used and chip discharge capacity is improved with a wider full-length conveyor. It is a very operator-friendly machine with no water leakage and easy chip cleaning.

The MCR-A5CII is a high performance machine for 5-sided applications that can improve productivity and respond to a wide range of user needs in the fields of part and die/mold machining.



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