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Development of GI-20NII internal grinder for variable-mix/-volume production
22 Nov 2012

The GI-20NII internal grinder was developed to meet the need for high accuracy machining with large varieties of diverse parts in small volumes.

It is the first grinder equipped with the Thermo-Friendly Concept. Dimensional change of φ5 µm or less is achieved over long machining times from startup thanks to Okuma's unique structural design and thermal deformation control technology.

Okuma's unique closed 5-face hydrostatic guideway system is used, ensuring high follow-up accuracy for a super-low feedrate of 0.01 µm with a non-contact structure.

Productivity is improved by increasing the Z axis rapid feedrate to 20 m/min, to shorten positioning time. Use of length adjustable dresser base eliminates the need to change the dresser base for each workpiece length.

Zero setting is simplified with the newly developed OSP-U20G control, on which the number of button operations reduced to one-sixth that of the previous control, and energy-saving functions make it environmentally friendly.



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