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Introducing the MA-500HII and MA-600HII, High Accuracy, High Speed Horizontal Machining Centers to meet a broad range of needs with increased performance
20 Oct 2011

The MA-500HII and MA-600HII high accuracy, high speed horizontal machining centers use the evolved advanced Thermo-Friendly Concept and provide better responses to diversifying machining needs and systemization, together with improved user-friendliness and operability.

    Thermo Active Stabilizer - Construction (TAS-C), the core function in the Thermo-Friendly Concept, has evolved to obtain stable machining accuracy over a broad machining area, with control of deformation from thermal expansion of the workpiece, fixture, and table. Spindle options have also expanded with the addition of super heavy spindle specifications for machining of difficult-to-machine materials such as Inconel and titanium, and increased torque even on wide-range spindles. A matrix magazine is used to store the large number of tools needed for systemization and diverse workpiece types. The matrix magazine can handle from 81 to 285 tools, and can prepare tools in as little as 12 seconds. These machines have also been made easier to use with the operation panel on the left side, a larger capacity coolant tank, and a wide step in the work area.

    The refurbished machine design produces a comfortable working space that incorporates ergonomics and universal design. This new Okuma premium design creates harmony between user and machine with comfort and assurance.


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