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Introducing MB-4000H and MB-8000H in high productivity horizontal machining center series
20 Oct 2010

Following the launch of the MB-5000H high speed horizontal machining center in October of last year, two new machines in the series have been developed. They are the MB-4000H, with a 400 square pallet size, and the MB-8000H with an 800 square pallet size.

   The demand for high speed machines is rising as machining allowances decrease with nonferrous blanks and near net shape forgings. At the same time, there is also a need for large, high speed, high torque machines that can efficiently machine parts for large industrial products used in infrastructure development. These two new horizontal machining centers are ideally suited to these new markets, giving the greatest improvements in productivity.

   The MB-4000H and MB-8000H achieve higher rapid traverse, faster acceleration/deceleration, and shorter ATC and APC times. Cycle times are greatly reduced with the combination of high speed light cutting (4000H) and highly efficient machining higher power spindles (8000H).

   Both models are also equipped with the Thermo-Friendly Concept to minimize the impact of temperature changes on machining accuracy and provide stable machining during both long-time continuous operation and high accuracy machining of large parts.


High speed spindle with No. 40 taper, fast 60-m/min rapid traverse (feed axes), 400 × 400 pallet size even while overall machine footprint is decreased, and left side operation panel for good visibility of the machining chamber.


High power spindle with No. 50 taper, large machining area with 2-ton pallet loading mass, and slide/swivel operation panel for better ease of use.

  • MB-4000H
  • MB-8000H
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