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Kosei Masuda, Senior Engineer in Okuma's Solution R&D Center, Awarded Medal with Yellow Ribbon
19 Nov 2009
Mr. Kosei Masuda, Senior Engineer in the Solution R&D Center of Okuma's Technology Division, was awarded the Medal with Yellow Ribbon in the 2009 Medals of Honor announced on November 3rd. The Medal with Yellow Ribbon is awarded to individuals who show diligence and industry in their professional activities, and whose skills and achievements make them exemplary. This award follows the Contemporary Master Craftsman award Mr. Masuda received last year, and is further evidence of the high esteem in which he is held for his professional diligence, superior technical knowledge, and guidance and cultivation of younger workers.
Mr. Masuda has been involved for many years in machining operations with various NC machine tools, and is a master of a wide range of skills, techniques and cutting theory. Okuma's Solution R&D Center provides information and advice on the most up-to-date machining technology and operating techniques, and Mr. Masuda's unsurpassed machining knowledge and instrumentation knowledge and techniques makes his advice highly valued both inside the company and by Okuma customers.

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