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MULTUS B750 intelligent multitasking machine selected at 51st (2008) Top 10 New Products Award
07 Jan 2009
Okuma's MULTUS B750 received the “Monozukuri Prize” at Nikkan Kogyo Business & Technology Daily News's 2008 Top 10 New Products Awards. This follows Okuma's string of winning products listed below, marking the first time that a machine tool builder has won this award for six consecutive years.
2003 MA-H horizontal machining center
2004 MULTUS B300 multitasking machine
2005 Universal Center MU-500V multitasking machine
2006 MCR-H “Hyper” double-column machining center
2007 SPACE TURN LB EX Series of CNC lathes

Award-winning product
MULTUS B750 intelligent multitasking machine

Like the MULTUS B300, a “Collision-Free Machine” that attracted much attention with its launch in 2004, the B750 is a large multitasking machine in the MULTUS series. With a maximum turning diameter of 1050 mm, it raises productivity for large parts.
Thermal deformation can be extreme on large machines, and the B750 uses Okuma's original Thermo-Friendly Concept technology to compensate for thermal deformation and minimize its effects. It is a Collision-Free Machine loaded with our Collision Avoidance System to achieve both ease of use and high accuracy.
The diagonal rib construction bed and high accuracy, high rigidity spindle ensure the machine rigidity that is essential for machining large parts. The B750 boasts turning capacity equal to that of the LB45II large NC lathe, and milling capacity comparable to that of MA-H series horizontal machining centers.
The MULTUS B750 intelligent multitasking machine turns a new page in multitasking for large parts. It has superior machine rigidity from an optimum structural design, based on our years of experience with large machining centers, and Okuma's original technologies to prevent internal collisions and maintain thermal stability.

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