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Development of Thermo-Friendly Concept double column machining center for higher accuracies and lower environmental impact in large part machining
16 Oct 2008
Okuma's Thermo-Friendly Concept, an "Only One" technology, has been further evolved by for use with double-column machining centers. The Thermo-Friendly Concept double-column machining center achieves outstanding, stable machining accuracies in general factory environments without the need for expensive air conditioning equipment or temperature-controlled rooms.

The three aspects of the Thermo-Friendly Concept are:
1) a structure that simplifies thermal distortion of the machine,
2) modifications to eliminate uneven temperature distributions, and
3) a system to accurately compensate for thermal deformation.
The new machine has a body structure that accommodates thermal deformation and Thermo Active Stabilizer Construction (TAS-C) suited to large machine tools.

The following two model specifications are available for a wide range of user needs.
Thermo-Friendly Specs (Optional)
Machining dimensional change over time 1/2 (compared with previous model)
Thermo-Friendly Premium Specs (Optional)
Machining dimensional change over time 1/4 (compared with previous model)

Thermo friendly specifications are available for models MCR-A, MCR-A5C, MCR-BII, and MCM-B.

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