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An Okuma lathe machinist is among the 150 people selected for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's 2007 Contemporary Master Craftsman award
31 Oct 2007
Okuma's Yoshiyuki Nakagawa was selected in the Metalworking Section (Lathes) of the 2007 Contemporary Master Craftsman awards. The Contemporary Master Craftsman system, under the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, is intended to honor technicians with outstanding skills who are recognized as leaders in their fields.

Since joining Okuma in 1967, Mr. Nakagawa has been engaged in machining of machine tool spindles, and is also expert in measurement techniques and metal cutting theory. He has been active for many years in training and nurturing students at technical high schools, and in training activities for technicians as a Central Trade Skill Test Commissioner.

Mr. Masuda is the third Okuma employee to receive this award, following Kaneaki Takeichi in 2003 and Yasuo Miyata in 2005. Okuma is proud to see its employees selected as Contemporary Master Craftsmen, and will continue to work for the development Japanese "monozukuri."
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