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Announcing the SPL-200 CNC lathe, your best choice
for highly efficient machining of small mass production parts
15 Oct 2007
The SPL-200 is a highly efficient, thoroughly space-saving 2-saddle CNC lathe, developed to minimize cycle time and achieve high machining performance in the machining of automobile parts and other small, collar-shaped mass production parts. The main body is a compact 1,550 mm in width, with 2-saddle (right and left turrets) specifications for a chucker without tailstock. A 20% reduction in cycle time compared with previous models is achieved with simultaneous machining of inner and outer diameters using right and left turrets and high speed loader. Highly rigid box bed structure and box ways provide for heavy cutting ability of 2mm2. With high productivity and ease of use, the SPL-200 CNC lathe sets a new standard for highly efficient machining of small mass production parts.
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