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MCR-H (Hyper)—Okuma’s super high-speed, high-accuracy double column machining center—wins 49th Top 10 New Products Award from the Nikkan Kogyo Business & Technology Daily News
10 Jan 2007
At the 2006 Top Ten New Products Awards sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Business & Technology Daily News, an Okuma product was honored for the fourth year running—a first for machine tools. The 2006 award was for the MCR-H (Hyper) double column machining center, following the 2005 award for the Universal Center MU-500V multitasking machine, the 2004 award for the MULTUS B300 multitasking machine, and the 2003 award for the MA-H horizontal machining center.

Super high-speed, high-accuracy double column machining center
MCR-H (Hyper)

High-speed, high-accuracy die machining was rigorously pursued in the development of the MCR-H. It provides the world’s highest level of machining quality and productivity not only for press die machining but for general industrial machine parts machining as well.

  • Finishing time 1/2
    Higher speed feedrate (max. 30 m/min) and acceleration is realized with adoption of the Okuma-developed PREX linear motor, the world’s first with drive on the X/Y axes. The MCR-H is also equipped with the BC axis universal index head which has a spindle speed of 30,000 min, enabling high-speed, high-efficiency finishing of the 3-dimensional shapes of dies.
  • Machining dimensional change 1/5
    By applying the Thermo-Friendly Concept, an original Okuma technology, the effects of thermal deformation from changes in ambient temperature and machine heat during machining for long periods are kept to an absolute minimum, greatly improving machining accuracy. Post-machining polishing and die matching times can be shortened, greatly reducing die making lead time.

In addition, the rich array of attachments and AAC (automatic attachment changer), roughing tools (BT), and finishing tools (HSK) can all be changed by the ATC, contributing to integrated operations, manpower reductions, and increased productivity.
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