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The MCR-H (Hyper) super high-speed, high-accuracy double column machining center was developed to provide the world’s best machining quality and productivity.
29 Sep 2006
Ever since we developed a double column precision boring machine in 1964, we have been pursuing higher accuracy and higher speed die machining with double column machining centers. Now we bring you the MCR-H(Hyper), a next-generation double column machining center that reduces finishing time to one half and machining dimensional changes to one fifth.

A linear motor developed by Okuma is used for the X and Y axes, the machine is equipped with a BC-axis universal head with a 30, 000-min-1 spindle, and finishing of 3-dimensional shapes on dies is done with high speed and high efficiency. High accuracy and thermal stability is realized in heavy machining with the Thermo-Friendly Concept. Stable and high accuracy machining is realized with TAS-C environmental thermal deformation control and TAS-S spindle thermal deformation control for double column machining centers. As a result, die making lead time is reduced dramatically.

Pushing the evolution of manufacturing. That is our mission.
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