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Okuma produces its second Contemporary Master Craftsman
15 Dec 2005
On November 8, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced its 2005 selections for the title of Contemporary Master Craftsman. Among those chosen in the Metal Machine Tool Assembly section was Okuma's Yasuo Miyata, a senior engineer in our Manufacturing Engineering Department.

The title Contemporary Master Craftsman is bestowed on technicians with outstanding skills who are recognized as leaders in their field. Mr Miyata is the second Okuma employee to receive this honor, following Kaneaki Takeichi in 2003.

Mr. Miyata's superior assembly skills help to ensure machine accuracy, which is at the very heart of a machine tool.

Okuma's double-column machining centers boast a 70 percent market share (Japan), and Mr Miyata's outstanding knowledge of machine assembly and structure, together with his superior assembly skills, have played a key role in our dominance of this sector of the machine tool industry.

The 2005 award ceremony was held on November 9 at the Meiji Kinenkan in Tokyo, where 150 people including Mr Miyata received the award from the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare. This honor is a further reflection on the skilled craftsmen who produce the Okuma quality.
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