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MU-500VA 5-axis control vertical machining center for advanced "5 axes + turning" makes debut as 5-spindle multitasking vertical machining center
-The ultimate in multitasking (5 axes + turning)-
1 Dec 2005
Ace Center MB-V vertical machining centers became best sellers with the Thermo-Friendly Concept. With the addition of a trunnion table, we introduce the next step up to our Universal Center series of 5-spindle control vertical machining centers-the MU-500VA.

Okuma's originally developed direct drive motor has been adopted for the A and C spindles of the trunnion table, and by rotating the rotary table the MU-500VA becomes a new multitasking machine that can even perform turning operations. High precision with the Thermo-Friendly Concept, assured operability with Collision-Free Machining, and the realization of ultimate multitasking with process integration of 5 axes + turning.
Pushing the evolution of manufacturing. That is our mission.
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