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The Okuma group of research engineers that developed the basic technology for the Thermo-Friendly Concept, "intelligent machine tool technology to achieve autonomous, high accuracy machining even in changing temperatures," receives the Award for Excellence at the 1st Japan Monozukuri Awards.
26 Aug 2005

The Japan Monozukuri Awards, sponsored the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and others, were established to honor outstanding individuals and groups, in order to promote the continuation and development of monozukuri, or the art of manufacturing.

The Japan Monozukuri Awards are given to manufacturing arts that support industry and society.

Okuma's submission was in the Product & Technology Development category, in the field of machine information (awarded to individuals or groups that overcome serious technical issues and develop or practically apply innovative products, parts, or production technologies that were not available in the past.

This application developed by the prize-winning group, is the basic technology for the Thermo-Friendly Concept, the new concept for accuracy compensating technology to realize high machining accuracy over time by overcoming the effects on machining accuracy of machining heat and changes in the ambient temperature.

Japan Monozukuri Awards

The Japan Monozukuri Awards are given by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to those involved in manufacturing, especially individuals or groups recognized as having made superior achievements, in order to continue and further develop "monozukuri," or the manufacturing arts, which support industry and culture in Japan, and contribute greatly to forming a more prosperous society.
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