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Okuma's DRA-J radial drilling machine wins the Long-Life Best-Seller Award from the Society to Honor Machine Tools of Historical Value
5 Aug 2005
The Society to Honor Machine Tools of Historical Value (head office in the Museum of Industrial Technology, Nippon Institute of Technology; Chairman Sadao Moritomo) presents awards to machine tools that were continuous best-sellers or were epoch-making in a certain age and contributed to the growth of Japanese industry. The Society established the Long-Life Best-Seller Award and Best Technical Machine Award for "machine tools of historical value" with the aim of contributing to the further growth of the machine tool industry. This year (the 7th Awards), Okuma's radial drilling machine DRA-J was presented with the Long-Life Best-Seller Award. The DRA-J was manufactured from 1958 to 1977, and was the definitive radial drilling machine of its time-fast and powerful even in boring tasks. This is the third time Okuma has won this award, more than any other company. Okuma's first two awards were for the GHU-300 hydraulic universal grinder at the 3rd Awards, and the LS center lathe at the 4th Awards. These awards attest to Okuma's high standing in the industry for its approach of pursuing ease of use and productivity in the development of its machines.
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