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Development of the ACE CENTER MB-66V for high accuracy machining of large parts
14 Oct 2004
With the MB-66V (1530 x 660 table), a new level has been introduced to the ACE CENTER series of vertical machining centers for high accuracy machining, which adopt Okuma's Thermo-Friendly Concept. With the use of this thermo-friendly concept, high-accuracy machining can be achieved in a normal factory environment even for large parts that are generally a problem in terms of ensuring accuracy.

Large machine tools for machining large parts are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations and other problems, making it more difficult to ensure machining accuracy. This is a major problem for high accuracy, high efficiency machining operations.We have applied our Thermo-Friendly Concept to the MB-66V, so that machining with high dimensional accuracy over time can be achieved even in a normal plant without controlled temperature.

The MB-66V also offers superior performance as a general purpose machine, with high speed, small footprint, and various peripheral specifications.
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