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Development of World's First "Collision Avoidance System" and Next Era NC-Okuma's OSP-P200
26 Aug 2004
Collision Avoidance System
During NC machine tool operations, not only when cutting by auto-programming but even during manual setup and removal operations, CAS runs an interference check on tools, the workpiece, tailstock, chuck or other machine components to stop the machine before any collision can occur. This slashes the time for preparations, and drives up the machine utilization rate.

The new-generation OSP200 control that packs the new "Collision Avoidance System features three times the conventional NC calculation performance and uses a memory incorporating error-calculation correction (ECC). Combining the Okuma original real-time OS and the general OS, Okuma provides "machines that won't crash," even during manual operation when machine movements are not predictable.

Okuma has developed the world's first breakthrough Collision Avoidance System (CAS) and the new-generation numerical control, the OSP-P200, that packs it. The high-performance control has an integrated 15-inch liquid crystal panel and features the revolutionary new CAS function to enable safe and shorter processing preparations and machining of those first parts. During either automatic or manual operations (setup and removal), CAS runs an interference check and stops the machine before a collision can occur.

With the ongoing worldwide division of labor in the "making of things better than ever," more and more high-function machines are being introduced for added-value applications. These include multitasking machines, 5-axis machine tools, and machines for 5-sided machining applications. Today's more complex cutting and machine movements require more application preparations than ever before. The OSP-P200 control and Collision Avoidance System thus allow much time to be safely saved when setting up and cutting new parts. This guarantees more "time in the cut."
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