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3D Virtual Monitor-for NC program check times 1/10 of conventional times
23 Oct 2003
Okuma's ADMAC-Parts now comes equipped with 3D Virtual Monitor-the world's first virtual simulation for a CAD/CAM system designed for advanced CNC machine tool applications. 3D Virtual Monitor will simulate actual machine, tool, and workpiece movement so interference can be detected at a glance-and vastly reduce NC program checking time.

This is the 3rd new function added to Okuma's ADMAC-Parts (a CAD/CAM system that automatically generates part programs from CAD data). 3D Virtual Monitor will simulate, with superb precision, a machining operation with vivid displays of tools, toolholders, turrets, attachments, chucks, workholders, fixtures (you name it)-so the machinist can check all possible interference/collision paths. With 3D Virtual Monitor, the various operation checks are vastly reduced, and test cuts themselves are no longer necessary!
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