Achieving Highly Accurate Gear Cutting with Multitasking Machines

Gear Machining Package

Multiple processes that include gear machining in a single package.


A single multitasking machine capable of high-accuracy gear cutting that previously required expensive special-purpose machines

Easy to program – simply input the tool types, gear specs, and cutting conditions.


Vastly shorter programming times
The Gear Machining Package lets you create programs by inputting the tool types and gear specs along with the cutting conditions, even with no programming knowledge for multitasking machines.(Programming times are shortened to about one-tenth compared to manual programming.)
Okuma's Gear Machining Package: Process-intensive
Examples of the Proven Process-intensive Performance of the MULTUS U Series

3-step Programming

Gear Cutting Issues

Depending on the type of gear, the tool cutting conditions and tool path (speed, direction, etc.) may differ, along with tool orientation and positioning, making use by inexperienced operators difficult.

The Gear Machining Package achieves easy three-step gear programming!


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