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Dream Site (DS) — A factory of the future that blends automation and refined human skills

DS is a smart factory for self-contained start-to-finish production. It consists of two sections, a machine shop and an assembly shop, and handles the entire following process: Raw materials input → Parts processing → Kitting → Sub assembly → Unit assembly → Final assembly → Machine runoff → Shipment.
Environmental temperature is controlled and kept at a constant temperature both in the machine shop and the assembly shop so that the temperature of parts are kept constant throughout the process from machining to assembly in order to achieve stable quality.

As machine shop facilities, it is equipped with about 100 units of advanced processing machines including Okuma's large double-column machining centers, horizontal machining centers, multitasking machines and grinders together with FMS, robots, loader, automatic feed system of cutting fluid and automatic recovery system of chips, realizing a machining system that aims to operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Fully equipped with the latest double-column machining centers
Refined skills that are essential for high accuracy parts Highly efficient production with automated, untended operation using diverse FMSs and robots
Solar energy panels and green walls for environmental friendliness工場内をオープンなレイアウトとして、変種・変量生産に対応する組立エリア
Open layout in the assembly shop to handle variable-mix, variable-volume production
Pushing the evolution of manufacturing. That is our mission.
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