USER'S VOICE Real User Testimonials
Automobile parts, construction equipment, semiconductor related devices . . . in a variety of metalworking sectors you will find Okuma machines being used by the experts. We listened to the specialists speak out about their Okuma experience — the purchasing process, their applications, and what they expect Okuma can do for them now and in the future.

Here are the testimonials from real users describing their marketing battles fought under hyper competitive conditions. User's Voice also presents their version of "monozukuri" (the craft of production; the joy of making things better than ever).
Latest Issue
Vol. 10
OKUMA NC Grinders
Vol. 10

• User’s Voice
Better-than-imagined accuracies from high machine rigidity
We chose Okuma to shorten lead times
Machines that faithfully reflect the user’s intention to “get the job done”

• Engineer’s Voice
“Only one” technologies built in to Okuma’s unrivaled grinding machines
Strengths available only to a machine tool manufacturer that is a single source for machine and control

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Previous Issues
Vol. 9 Okuma's Intelligent Technologies

Vol. 8 • User Testimonials
The Thermo-Friendly Concept--Key to obtaining micron-level accuracies in high productivity machining

The Collision Avoidance System is essential for multitasking of highly diverse aircraft components

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Vol. 8 OKUMA Machining Navi

Vol. 8 • Machining Navi User Testimonials
Tool lives became longer, and cycle times became shorter
A useful tool that reduced the number of operations, tools, and cost
Essential for providing "both high quality at low-cost"
• Development Story
Making chatter "visible" and providing optimum cutting conditions
Symbolic of the regard for the shop floor perspective

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Vol. 7 OKUMA Vertical CNC Lathes Series

Vol. 7 • Vertical CNC Lathes User Testimonials
Reducing lead time and using plant space effectively
Transforming the image of vertical lathes
Support system for single source for machine & control provides sense of assurance
• Development Story
Unique vertical lathes matched precisely to customer needs

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Vol. 6 OKUMA Multitasking Machine MULTUS B Series

Vol. 6 • MULTUS User Testimonials
Users impressed with single chucking that eliminates five setup changes
Trust in the machine lets users challenge their limits
• Development Story
Full participation of related department leaders in basic design gives rise to "Collision-free machining"

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Vol. 5 OKUMA Vertical Machining Center MB-V Series

Vol. 5 • MB-V User Testimonials
Full operation as core machines on production lines that can be relied on
The MB-V is a machine that stimulates creativity
Dies machined on the MB-V really stand out
• Dealer Top Sales Reps Talk About MB-V
Recommended as a "strategic machine to get work"

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Vol. 4 OKUMA Computerized Numerical Controller OSP Series

Vol. 4 • An OSP User Testimonial
"For the NC unit, OSP is everything"
In support of "Single Source Machine & Control" Manufacturing
• Development Story
A talk with the developers
Creating an "intelligent, user-friendly NC"
• The OSP Adds More Value
Three sound ideas based on user perspectives

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Vol. 3
OKUMA Double-Column Machining Centers

Vol. 3 • An MCR-B User Testimonial
" Accuracy is survival"
Demanding the world's highest accuracies
• Development Story
The developers speak
A completely new DCMC from close attention to customer feedback and needs
• 6,000 Double-Column Machining Centers Shipped
Three junctures in the development of double-column machining centers

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Vol. 2
OKUMA High-Accuracy Machining SPACE TURN Series, MB-V Series

Vol. 2 • An LB250T User Testimonial
High-precision turning for safer parts
• User Perspectives
Okuma engineers comment on users' experiences
• Development Story
The developer speaks Rational ideas for out-of-the-box innovation
• Welcome to OKUMA
Impressions from new users

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Vol. 1
OKUMA Vertical Machining Center MB-V Series

Vol. 1 • An MB-V User Testimonial
Working toward a global standard — high-accuracy, Confidence-inspiring machine
• User Perspectives
Okuma engineers comment on customers' experiences
• Development Story
Developers reflect on the making of the MB-V
• Welcome to OKUMA
Impressions from new users

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Latest Issue
Vol.10 OKUMA NC Grinders
Previous Issues
Vol.9 Okuma's Intelligent Technologies
Vol.8 Machining Navi
Vol.7 OKUMA Vertical CNC Lathes Series
Vol.6 Multitasking Machine MULTUS B Series
Vol. 5 VMC MB-V Series
Vol. 4 CNC OSP Series
Vol. 3 DCMCs
Vol. 2 High-Accuracy Mach SPACE TURN Series MB-V Series
Vol. 1 VMC MB-V Series
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