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Headlight cover mold CLOSE UPCLOSE UP

Part name:
Headlight cover mold

HPM7 (30 HRC)

Workpiece dimensions:
760 x 600 x 475
Finishing time:
30 hours, 33 minutes
Rough to finish machining of a large workpiece of 760 x 600 x 475.
Surface roughness of the contoured section is Rz=2-4µÃO. Such a high quality machined surface is difficult to achieve in ordinary machining.
 This plastic mold is a work of art--a combination of Okuma's highest technology and a highly acccurate machine with almost no thermal deformation, based on the "Thermo-Friendly Concept," and "high-speed contouring control Super-NURBS," which greatly advanced the innovative technology of Hi-NC that began with tolerance control which Okuma led the world in developing in 1987.
Tool Spindle speed Cutting speed Feedrate Cutting
min-1 m/min mm/min mm
Φ6 CBN 12,000 56.5 600 0.08 x 0.05
15,000 282.6 1500 0.15 x 0.05
Highly accurate machining with 5-axis orientation
Artificial knee joint CLOSE UPCLOSE UP
Part name:
Artificial knee joint
Material: SUS304
Machining data:
Machining time:
12 hours, 40 min
Workpiece dimensions:
110 x 75H
Even with pieces requiring multi-sided machining, processes can be brought together with the introduction of a 5-axis machine. This makes it possible to greatly reduce lead time. Moreover, when machining curved surfaces with a ball end mill, a high quality machined surface can be achieved by changing the gradient angle and using a peripheral cutting edge with high circumferential speed. The curved surfaces of artificial joints are machined by changing the indexing angle, and it is very important to make smooth connections in the sections linking the surfaces of each angle. This machined part has step differences of a mere 3 µm.
Tool name



Spindle speed Feedrate Cutting
min-1 mm/min width x depth
Roughing Φ32 radius 63 850 850 9.6 x 0.5
Multi-sided Φ10 ball 29 4,000 800 0.35 x 0.1
Flow Φ6 ball 22 3,000 900 0.35 x 0.1
Mirror finishing by a ball end mill
Hemisphere CLOSE UP
Part name:
Aluminum (A7075)
An ultra-precision machine is essential for mirror finishing. Surface roughness of less than Ry=0.2µÃO (less than one-fourth the wavelength of visible light) is demanded, requiring huge capital investment, including that for the environment in which the machine will be placed. Okuma is conducting trials to see the level of mirror finishing that is possible with a highly accurate machine based on a general purpose machining center (in a general temperature environment). The current data are shown here. In this way, Okuma is pushing the technical limits under common constraints to meet a wide range of user needs.
Material Aluminum (A7075)
Tool Ball end mill (single crystal diamond R3)
Spindle rotation 40,000 min-1
Depth of cut 0.03 mm
Feedrate 0.02 mm/rev
Machining accuracy Roundness: 0.84 µm
Surface roughness: 0.049 µmRa/0.28 µmRy

5-Axis Auto Tuning System


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