New Products MCR-C
Double-Column Machining Centers

With the high machining capacity and accuracy required for highly efficient production

Machining capacity(S50C steel)

Powerful type vertical spindle head(Spindle bore diameter ø130, L150)1,210cm3/min
φ250 face mill, 10-blade
  • Cutting Speed
188m / min
  • Cut Width x depth
  • Feedrate
864mm / min
(0.36mm / blade)
Powerful type 90 angular head(Spindle bore diameter ø130, L270)1,075cm3/min
φ250 face mill, 10-blade
  • Cutting Speed
188m / min
  • Cut Width x depth
  • Feedrate
768mm / min
(0.32mm / blade)
*Powerful type vertical spindle head and powerful type 90 angular head are optional specifications.
*The “actual data” referred to above for this brochure represent examples, and may not be obtained due to differences in specifications, tooling, and cutting conditions.

Okuma double-column machining centers–highly rigid and accurate construction

Highly efficient, expansive multitasking operations

  • Compatible with many MCR-BIII attachment heads for efficient flexibility
  • Auto changer puts the right spindle head in the right place—for highly efficient machining
  • High output and torque provides highly efficient roughing operations
  • Rapid traverse X axis: 24 m / min
      Y axis: 24 m / min
      Z axis: 15 m / min
      W axis: 3 m / min
  • Rigid ram spindlehead...Ram: 420 x 425 mm
  • Z-axis travel...1,050 mm (Opt: 1,250 mm)

Slide/roller guideways

The table uses a hybrid roller pack and slideway system to absorb a high level of cutting vibrations. The roller bearings on the ways support the table and workpiece to enable smooth movement and high-accuracy positioning and maintain high accuracy over long periods.

Crossrail vertical guideway

The extra long upper and lower vertical guideways on the crossrail present a stable structure that ensures longer service life and rigidity.

For a wide range of efficient, multitasking applications––to satisfy your need for the right tool

Full array of spindle heads(attachments)

Machining of all types and all shapes can be done by changing the rich variety of spindle heads (attachments).

Many processes can be done using automatic operation with an auto tool changer (ATC) plus an auto attachment changer (AAC), greatly improving productivity.

Full array of spindle heads(attachments)


CNC Lathes
1-Saddle CNC Lathes

2-Saddle CNC Lathes

Horizontal Twin-/Triple-Spindle CNC Lathes

Vertical CNC Lathes

Aluminum Wheel Applications

Horizontal Multitasking Machines

Vertical Multitasking Machines

Machining Centers
Vertical Machining Centers

Horizontal Machining Centers

Super Multitasking Machines

5-Axis Machining Centers

Turning Center

Double-Column Machining Centers



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