27 Sep 2018

Production Innovation in Press Dies
Okuma launches the MCR-S (Super) fast, high-quality double column

Okuma Corporation has developed the "MCR-S (Super)", a double-column machining center for five-sided applications which delivers high speed, high accuracy, and high surface quality machining. This new product will achieve innovative productivity improvements in press die manufacturing for automobile industry applications, where high machining levels are required.

Providing the fastest continuous cutting feed in its class, the MCR-S reduces cycle times by 25% compared with Okuma's previous machines. High surface quality machining with Hyper-Surface, an NC control technology, made it possible to perform highly accurate machining even for long, continuous runs with Okuma's built-in Thermo Friendly Concept and Swivel Image Sensor onboard.
The MCR-S also provides the world's first super intensive-processing with heat treatment and build-up weld repair of press dies - on the machine. Both laser precision hardening and LMD (laser metal deposition) or laminated metal molding are also possible to greatly reduce total lead times.

The MCR-S (Super) offers excellent support to customers requiring highly efficient press dies made with high levels of shape accuracy and surface quality.

  • MCR-S (Super)
    MCR-S (Super)