12 Oct 2017

Okuma's New 2SP-2500H CNC Lathe
Featuring Smart Machine Productivity in a Compact Footprint

Okuma has launched the 2SP-2500H two-spindle CNC lathe, with innovative front-facing twin spindles to provide much higher levels of productivity and far greater reliability, for auto parts and other mass production applications. The 2SP-2500H is an automation-ready machine that integrates two lathes into one unit with a standard loader that feeds blanks for continuous front and back work.

By consolidating a twin-spindle lathe featuring machining capacity more powerful and accurate than before, with a quick-action loader, is achieving extremely minimal production line takt times. Moreover, tool life duration can be predicted and cutting edge breakage prevented by the Tool Life Calculator, an Okuma suite app. To proactively avoid machine stoppage and make possible long unattended operations, "Maintenace suite" is a visual tool for the key maintenance activities. The machine width is the smallest in its class at 2,200 mm, which all translates into high floor-space utilization. Mainly for automotive parts up to ø250 mm (Optional), this CNC lathe produces high-quality parts with high efficiency and accuracy.

The 2SP-2500H is a highly productive and a very reliable, smart machine. It is ready to support manufacturers striving to innovative their mass production applications.

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