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OSP-P300A—Okuma’s Next-Generation, Intelligent CNC
05 Dec 2016

Okuma announces the OSP-P300A, a next-generation intelligent CNC that will lie at the core of the smart machines that make smart factories possible.
Use of the latest semiconductor and software technology on the OSP-P300A gives greater improvements in machine control performance, higher processing power, and smart phone-like operability. Control performance is also greatly improved with the newly developed, next-generation MCS4 servo system, achieving solid improvement in basic functionality as a “monozukuri* controller.”

Thanks to improved processing capacity, faster operating responses and an “artificial intelligence engine” and other next-generation enhancements are achieved. The resistive touch panel used enables the same convenient gloves-on finger-tip control on misty and dusty screens as before plus two-finger operation like that on smart phones for improved ease of use.
The MCS4 next-generation servo system has ultra-high gain and a high-speed control cycle for motion control following error that is one half of the previous system, while delivering smooth feeds with a newly developed encoder that boasts resolution of 40-million (parts/rev), among the highest levels in the industry.

With its high processing power and ease of use, this next-generation intelligent CNC provides a collaborative platform for creating customer-needed applications.

* Making things (better than ever)

Pushing the evolution of manufacturing. That is our mission.
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