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Development of “SERVONAVI” an autonomous servo technology
03 Dec 2014

Okuma has developed “SERVONAVI” an autonomous servo technology that helps to improve productivity and machined surface quality.

S ERVONAVI is a new technology made up of SERVONAVI AI (automatic identification), which shortens cycle time by optimizing movement control, and SERVONAVI SF (surface fine tuning), which recognizes changes in machine status and maintains high surface quality.

With SERVONAVI AI, the workpiece weight on the table is automatically estimated by the machine and the acceleration on the table feed axis is optimized to match that weight. This gives stable machining of heavy workpieces and faster machining of lighter workpieces, resulting in machining time reductions of up to 20%.

S ERVONAVI SF recognizes the "aged deterioration" in machining accuracy resulting from long years of machine use, and restores the machined surface accuracy that is required. Surfaces with point-of-reverse motion lines noticeable from worn ball-screw and guideways can also be improved.

Okuma’s productivity revolution continues with advanced servo technology forged by "Merging M-E-I-K" (Mechanics - Electronics - IT - Knowledge).

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