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Development of UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-8000V large 5-axis vertical machining center
06 Nov 2014

Okuma has developed the UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-8000V, a large, 5-axis vertical machining center with a maximum turning diameter of Φ1,000 mm.

The table and feed shaft on the UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-8000V have a well-balanced arrangement to give both highly efficient 5-axis machining performance of large workpieces and a space-saving machine size. The maximum turning diameter is ϕ1,000 mm and the maximum machining height is 550 mm. With good accessibility to the workpiece and spindle and short distance to the operation panel, it has superior operability that does not place a burden on the operator. While access to the machine front remains ensured, the MU-8000V is also compatible with various automation technologies, including multi-pallet APC, large capacity ATC, and robots and FMS.

A double-column structure with little overhang from the guideway and high rigidity from a left-right mobile trunnion table give high accuracy 5-axis machining. Geometric accuracy in high-accuracy 5-axis machining is maintained even with changes in environmental temperature by combining the 5-Axis Auto Tuning System, which automatically measures geometric error between each axis in less than 10 minutes and compensates to achieve better accuracies on 5-axis machines, with the Thermo-Friendly Concept.

The UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-8000V-L, a large, 5-axis vertical machining center with turning function, was developed at the same time. In combination with the MU-5000V and MU-6300V a wide range of workpiece sizes can be handled to provide the highest productivity for the rising global demand for 5-axis machining.

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