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Development of MULTUS B200II, B300II, and B400II-Bringing a new level of user-friendliness to Intelligent Multitasking Machines
20 Oct 2011

Since their launch in 2004, MULTUS B200, B300, and B400 intelligent multitasking machines with the high machining accuracy Thermo-Friendly Concept and Collision Avoidance System (CAS) have made multitasking machines a more common site in machine shops. Now, as the BII series, they come equipped with a newly-developed Okuma control and new machine design.

    The new OSP-P300S control was developed especially for multitasking machines. Key input is less than half and screen changes are reduced to as little as one-fifth compared with previous controls. This means that the series of operations needed to prepare for machining is much simpler. During operation, four windows for the current position, part program, CAS, and Advanced One-Touch IGF are shown simultaneously on a large color display so that machine status can be understood at a glance.

    Smooth operation sequences according to the operator's wishes can be achieved thanks to the fact that the machine tool manufacturer makes the CNC.

    The refurbished machine design produces a comfortable working space that incorporates ergonomics and universal design. This new Okuma premium design creates harmony between user and machine with comfort and assurance.


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