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Development of the MULTUS B200—a compact intelligent multitasking machine
14 Sep 2007
The MULTUS series was developed to provide space-saving multitasking machines for highly efficient machining of high value-added parts—small, precise, and intricately shaped parts for a variety of industries.
On MULTUS machines thermal deformation is limited to less than 10 μm over time (actual data) thanks to Okuma's Thermo-Friendly Concept, helping users to achieve superior machining accuracy in general factory environments. Okuma's Collision Avoidance System has also been adopted on MULTUS machines, reducing the pressure on operators, eliminating loss from collisions, and greatly improving productivity. The small size of MULTUS machines is achieved thanks to the use of combination turrets and Okuma-developed, highly efficient PREX spindle motors. The MULTUS B200 adopts a 100 mm diameter spindle and a diagonally ribbed bed for a highly rigid construction; despite its small size, this high performance multitasking machine has outstanding machining capacity.
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