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The New MACTURN 550-1/10 the usual lead time for large, highly-complex parts!
7 Jul 2003
The MACTURN550 is the flagship of Okuma's MACTURN series of multitasking machines, and features Y-axis operation, ATC and other features so it can single-handedly manufacture parts that would conventionally require multiprocessing on multiple machines. Highly efficient production of aircraft, construction, heavy electric, printing and other large, difficult-to-machine parts with complex configurations means the MACTURN550 will greatly streamline operations.

We developed the MACTURN550 to offer comprehensive performance and quality, and be a big step forward over past models.
The MACTURN550 offers high-speed operation with high-accuracy and high-rigidity, particularly on the B axis, along with true simultaneous 5-axis machining to raise production efficiency to new heights.
We designed the 550 as a next-generation machine, and only released it after making further improvements (kaizen) over the previous 250 and 350 machines.
The multitasking MACTURN550 is a truly high quality product that will help our customers improve their productivity.

The ability to easily handle all types of machining-turning, face milling, eccentric (y-axis), inclined-plane (b-axis)-combined with ATC, simultaneous upper/lower turret machining and 2nd-operation spindle, make the MACTURN "the full-scale, multitasking machine. Its big swing of 720 mm vastly expands the range of machining possibilities.

The thermo-stable construction and many other features made possible by thermo-friendly technology, along with faster high-speed ATC and rapid tranverse, mark an evolution in the key specifications for complete process integration. With these impressive features, the MACTURN 250, 350, and 550 series of maltitasking machines reduce lead time to 1/10.
Pushing the evolution of manufacturing. That is our mission.
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