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Made in Japan machine tools are regarded throughout the world as synonymous with high quality.
Okuma has been Japan's No. 1 in sales since the company was founded in 1898.
Okuma continues to be supported as a top brand in Japan
because we continue to refine our product quality backed by advanced technology.

Made in Japan to the world Integrated Development of Machines and Controllers Amazing machining accuracy, high rigidity, and stability
are provided through high performance and the highest level of harmonious control.
Commitment to Machine Design and Casting Structure
  • Casting design that produces high-rigidity and high reliability
  • Strengthening due to use of diagonal rib structure
  • Casting is thickened at points where loads are applied, such as guides and tables

Careful selection of high-quality castings and the creation of a strong internal structure that requires significant time for forging leads to high load resistance.

Diagonal rib structure

diagonal rib structure
Okuma's Intelligent Technology is Directly Linked to Improving Productivity

Thermo-Friendly Concept

Cumulative shipments: 50,000 units

Applicable Okuma products: 120 models

Machine design and highly accurate thermo deformation control technology that responds to temperature changes caused by machining, etc. in a straightforward manner.

Achieving highly accurate machining over long runs regardless of changes in ambient temperature.

Collision Avoidance System

Real-time simulation using 3D data of machine structures.
Prevents collisions and drastically reduces cycle time.

lnterference check precedes actual movement

lnterference check precedes actual movement

Machining Navi

Detects and suppresses chatter vibration during machining and calculates optimal machining.

Providing machining technologies that supports high accuracy and productivity which anyone can use.
Offering machining solutions only possible through the use of a CNC developed by Okuma.

Improving main spindle reliability through rigid proprietary evaluation tests.

Based on actual shop conditions, evaluations with continuous 2,000-hour long durability tests at maximum spindle speed are performed to also assure extended product life. Only successfully tested machines are approved for sale as Okuma products.

Made in Japan to the world Machine tools that support micron-level machining
Representing Okuma's best-selling machine

Representing Okuma's best-selling machine

1-Saddle CNC Lathes

SPACE TURN LB EX Ⅱ series LB2000 EXⅡ LB2500 EXⅡ LB3000 EXⅡ LB4000 EXⅡ

More than 22,000 LB series machines have been sold globally (1998 to 2019).

  • Maintains stable accuracy for high productivity
  • Turning Capacity: 4.4 mm2
  • Milling Capacity: 200 cm3/min (S45C work material)
One machine for high-quality to heavy-duty die/mold applications

One machine for high-quality to heavy-duty die/mold applications

Vertical Machining Centers


More than 10,000 MB-V series machines have been sold globally (2002 to 2019).

  • Part machining quality is improved through high-precision continuous machining over long periods.
  • End milling: 672 cm3/min (S45C)
Okuma's DCMC Series ranked No. 1 in Japan

Okuma's DCMC Series ranked No. 1 in Japan

Double-Column Machining Centers


More than 9,000 DCMC Series machines have been sold since 1964.

  • A highly rigid structure makes it possible to achieve high accuracy and high productivity.
  • Achieves continuous, high-precision machining over long periods
Highly accurate and powerful machining that changed the conventional wisdom of 5-axis machining

Highly accurate and powerful machining that changed the conventional wisdom of 5-axis machining

5-Axis Vertical Machining Centers

UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-V series MU-4000V MU-5000V MU-6300V MU-8000V

3-axis machine equivalent high machining capacities

  • Face milling: 504 cm3/min (S45C)
  • Turning: 3.0 mm2 (S45C)
  • Minimizes changes in accuracy due to ambient temperature changes or spindle heat
Highest level milling and turning efficiency

Highest level milling and turning efficiency

Intelligent Multitasking Machines


Wide range of applications—irregular workpieces also possible

  • End milling: 604 cm3/min (S45C)
  • Turning: 5.0 mm2(S45C)
  • Gear cutting and geometric error measurement also possible on one machine

As a comprehensive machine tool manufacturer, see the variety of Okuma products boasting a lineup of more than 100 models
from the product brochures available.
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Made in Japan to the world Production environments and craftsmanship in support of high quality
Spindle unit assembly room is kept at a constant temperature (fluctuating by only ±1°C) to realize high-precision machining and assembly in a short amount of time.

The processing and assembly of each main spindle, said to serve as the "heart" of every machine, are performed in a room which is kept at a constant temperature.
Since the temperature is kept at 23°C with an allowable variance of ±1°C and there is no temperature change between processing and assembly, dimensional accuracy is stabilized, making high-precision processing and assembly possible in a short amount of time.
In addition, since the air pressure in the spindle unit assembly area is increased, high quality is maintained by preventing the intrusion of dust.
* A round bar with a diameter of 100 mm expands by approximately 1 micrometer (0.001 mm) for each degree (°C) the temperature rises.

Handed down from the world's highest peak in master craftsmanship — the art of "Kisage."

After years of hard training, the skills of master craftsmen continue to be passed on.
Japanese style hand/hip scraping "Kisage" results in beautifully finished flat and curved surfaces achieving high accuracies of 1 and 2 µm that exceed automated scraping systems, and the mated scraped surfaces prevent machined workpiece deformation while supporting their accuracy requirements.
For moving components, oil film applications reduce slide resistance, and produce delicate, beautiful patterns reminiscent of traditional Japanese designs appearing on the entire finished surface.
Outstanding craftsmanship is poured into each Okuma product, leading to highly accurate components, assemblies, and the best finished machine tool possible.

Handed down from the world's highest peak in master craftsmanship — the art of ”Kisage.”
We bring our customers to the joyful and emotional world of "Monozukuri" (making things (better than ever); where master craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology), which has been passed down by Okuma for more than 120 years.

Okuma started manufacturing and selling noodle machines in 1898.
Possessing an enormous passion for improving quality, our founder Eiichi Okuma had at the time developed a revolutionary high-precision lathe in-house required for making 0.05 mm wide parts for the purpose of improving the main parts of the company's noodle machines.
This technology would become the basis for entering the machine tool field, transforming Okuma into an integrated machine tool manufacturer.
In 1963, Okuma developed the OSP, an NC controller with absolute position feedback.
By developing both the NC machine and controller, Okuma was able to bring products that accurately supported user needs to the market.


Opening possibilities with manufacturing

As a manufacturing professional, we always listen to customer feedback
and take on the challenge of creating new value through innovation and by providing
a level of comprehensive support that exceeds expectations.
Okuma strives to become a company that lives up to customer expectations and inspires them.
We open the future possibilities of manufacturing.

As a leading machine tool company, learn more from the Okuma brochures which describe our wide range of products, from highly accurate and rigid CNC lathes, machining centers, and multitasking machines to the Okuma CNC controls (OSP).
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