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Over 116 years, always creating the next generation with passionate inventiveness

The history of Okuma started when Eiichi Okuma hung out his signboard for

he technical seeds sown with the noodle machine soon spread to machine tools, and _nally grew to create today’s Okuma, a comprehensive manufacturer of lathes, machining centers, grinders, multitasking machines, NC controllers, FA systems, and more.

After 116 years, it is in our DNA to value foresight and creative technology that stays ahead of the times. This way of thinking has been passed from generation to generation as the driving force in the formation of the Okuma group.

We are never satis_ed, always seeking to take the next step forward. We strive to solve problems through technical innovations and continuously spread the joy of monozukuri with inventiveness and with passion.

Pushing the evolution of manufacturing. That is our mission.
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